Maintenance & Restoration

We restore classical, but not old-fashioned!


The classic car: not a museum piece in the garage, but a showpiece on the road. Classic cars must drive. Sometimes our craftsmanship becomes a challenge. Especially when we strive to use original materials and specifications for the restoration of chassis, suspension, engine, gearbox and the like. At SS Jaguars anything is possible, from small repairs to overhaul, or for example, adjustment for rally purposes.


Good maintenance is very important! Even when you drive only a few kilometers with your classic car. We carry out both small and large maintenance and can, if necessary, take care of your MOT. We can repair any defects in-house.


Our experience and craftsmanship are the guarantee for a perfectly restored car. In our well-equipped sheet metal workshop, bodywork made of sheet steel or aluminum is no problem. Parts are copied or restored to the original. Authenticity and originality are our starting point for the restoration.


In most classic cars s lot of wood is used. For the construction or – especially – in the interior. Our thorough craftsmanship enables us to restore the wooden elements in a classic way. Structures of ash wood or interior parts with wood veneer can be repaired or copied by us. Even the restoration of wooden boats is possible!


Where possible, the upholstery of your classic car will be restored to its original condition. We can deliver traditional work for both fabrics and leather interior parts. You can also come to us for reproductions of original interior parts or bucket seats, footrests, extra storage space made to your own wishes, etc.

Restoration SS 2.5 Ltr. Saloon